Frequently Asked Questions

How to Apply

I want to study in Finland. What should I do?
When is the application period?
How many degree programmes can I apply to?
Does UAF recommend using agents/consultant agencies when applying?
The application period has ended, where can I see all the applications I have submitted?


What kind of educational background must I have to be eligible to apply for a Master’s degree?

I have completed a higher national diploma (HND) / higher national certificate (HNC), can I apply to Master's degree programmes?
Can I apply if I have not graduated yet?

Available Study Programmes

Can I apply for a Bachelor’s degree through UAF?
How can I apply for Doctoral studies?

Language Skills

How do I indicate my language skills? Do I need to take a language test?
I am applying to a multilingual Master's Programme at the University of Helsinki and need to prove my language skills in Finnish/Swedish, how do I do that?
Do you need to receive my language test results as many times as there are programmes I am applying to?
I have submitted a language test to UAF earlier. Do I now need to submit the test results again?
What happens if the language skill requirements are not met?


Required Documentation

Which application documents must I submit?
Do I need to have my educational documents (degree certificate, transcript of records, and their translations) officially certified, i.e. attested?
Is one set of documents enough if I apply to more than one programme?
Can I have my transcript of records submitted electronically?
The programme I am applying to requires a printed copy of the submitted online application. Where can I find a PDF copy of the submitted application so that I can print it?
I have applied during the previous application period. Can I apply again using the same documents?

What is the date of award/conferral of the degree?

Submitting Documents

How do I submit my application documents?
Can I submit my enclosures in advance, prior to the application period?
Can I send application documents for more than one application in a single envelope?
Where do I get an application number to write on my application enclosures?
Do I need to mail all application enclosures to University Admissions Finland at the same time?
Is it possible to check if UAF has received my documents?

Contacting UAF

How can I get assistance with my application process?
Can I visit UAF’s office?

Fees and Financing

Is there an application fee?
Are there tuition fees?
Is it possible to receive a scholarship?

After UAF

Will UAF forward my application to the university I have applied to if the status of my application is ‘incomplete’?
Where will I get information on the admission results?