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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Apply

You should start by browsing the national Studyinfo portal ( and the websites of the universities you are interested in. The links for the eleven universities using University Admissions Finland’s centralised service can be found on the front page of this website. All available study programmes in Finland can be found on the Studyinfo portal where you can search for suitable programmes and start the application.

The application period is programme-specific but begins at the earliest in November. Please note that not all universities and Master’s degree programmes start their application periods on the same day. Exact application procedures and dates will be available on the universities’ websites.

University Admissions Finland has no limitation on how many universities you can apply to. However, some universities may have restrictions on how many programmes you can apply to within their university. For more detailed information on this, please consult the university you are interested in.

Please note that when applying, you must submit as many sets of officially certified educational documents as there are programmes you are applying to, i.e. a separate set of documents for each programme.

Also note that the degree programmes may have programme-specific enclosure requirements and therefore you should prepare to collect different application documents for different degree programmes.

University Admissions Finland advises against using fee-charging educational consultants or agents when applying for admission to Master’s degree programmes in Finland. University Admissions Finland does not use any agents to help applicants with their admissions and no agency is used to represent UAF. The universities using UAF’s service may cooperate with certain agencies, and applicants are encouraged to contact the university if they have any questions regarding these.

Using an agent’s assistance in the application process does not give the applicant any advantage. Universities make their student selections based solely on the admissions requirements and thus no agent can guarantee an applicant a study place. It is strongly recommended that all applicants carry out the application process themselves. If you need help in filling in the application form or with other aspects of the application process, you are recommended to contact the university or UAF. These are the only reliable sources of information. Information given by other agencies may be unreliable, or at worst, untrue.

The applicant should always fill in the application him/herself and use his/her own contact details. This ensures that the applicant will receive all important information directly from the university and UAF. If you are unable to carry out the application process yourself, it is acceptable to use a legal representative. In such cases a written power of attorney is always required and must be submitted with the application. The power of attorney must include the original signatures of the applicant and the legal representative. The applicant must always provide answers him/herself to questions pertaining to the admission requirements (e.g. motivation letter and research proposal). The applicant can cancel the power of attorney at any point during the application process.

It is recommended that the applicant carry out the application process him/herself.


As a rule, you can apply for Master’s-level studies if you have a nationally recognized first cycle degree – normally a Bachelor’s degree – from an accredited institution of higher education. Master’s studies are usually pursued in the same field as the Bachelor’s studies or one closely related to it. However, it is the university who evaluates your eligibility for a specific programme.

In some cases it is possible to apply even if you have not yet graduated. This varies between programmes and you should see the website of the relevant university for more information.

You can apply to some programmes even if you have not yet graduated. This depends on the programme, so always check the website of the relevant university.

If you have not graduated by the time the application period for the programme begins, you are required to submit an officially certified copy of your latest transcript of records (please also see Country-Specific Requirements). If you receive the degree certificate and the final transcript of records during the application period, it is recommended that you submit them as well.

You should point out the anticipated graduation date on the application and submit the documents you have when you apply. Do not wait to receive your degree certificate if it is not available during the application period. Depending on the programme you are applying to, you may also be required to submit a statement from your home institution in English, Finnish or Swedish, stating the expected date of graduation.

Available Study Programmes

No. University Admissions Finland offers service only to applicants who are applying for Master’s level studies. For information on Bachelor’s degree programmes, we recommend that you visit the national Studyinfo portal (, the individual universities’ websites, or Study in Finland (, offered by the Centre for International Mobility, CIMO).

At the moment there is no centralised application service for Doctoral studies. As each university has different admissions procedures for PhD candidates, you should check the universities’ websites or contact the university you are interested in directly.

Language Skills

There are different ways of indicating your language skills, depending on the Master’s degree programme you select. Always check the language skill requirements and application deadlines on the website of the university you are applying to.

For most programmes, you do not need to submit a separate language test result if you have graduated from a higher education institution in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States, Canada, Australia or New Zealand with an education that has been fully completed in English. However, language skill requirements are always programme-specific, so please consult the university you are interested in applying to.

For more information on the accepted language tests, please see Language Skills.

If you are applying to more than one programme and are using the same language test to verify your language skills, University Admissions Finland needs to receive your test results only once. Please note that language skill requirements are programme-specific and may vary. Always check that the programmes you are applying to accept the same language test as a method of indicating your language skills, and what their minimum score requirements are.

If you submitted a language test result during one of the previous application periods and the test was taken on or after 1 May 2013, University Admissions Finland still has record of it. If the previously submitted language test was taken prior to May 2013, UAF does not have record of the test result. Remember to check the time limitations for language tests on the university’s website. Language skill requirements are programme specific and University Admissions Finland makes no exceptions to those.

In general, language tests are valid for two years and the test results must be valid throughout the application period. This means it must not expire prior to the application deadline. Also note that the language skill requirements may have changed from the previous application periods.

If the language skill requirements set by the university you are applying to are not met by the given deadline, your application will remain incomplete. University Admissions Finland does not make exceptions to the rules set by the universities. All applications are forwarded to the relevant universities.

Required Documentation

The admissions requirements are set by the degree programmes and the universities. This means that the number and type of required documents vary depending on the degree programme.

In most cases the following application documents are normally required:

1. Proof of language skills
– depending on which option you have chosen, for example a language test
2. Documents related to educational background (please remember to check Country-Specific Requirements)
– documents which indicate your eligibility to apply
3. Other documents
– as requested by the university offering your desired degree programme

You can find detailed information about the documents on the individual universities’ websites.

Yes, you do. Copies of educational documents must be officially certified (attested) either by the institution that granted you the documents (i.e. your home university) or by a notary public. Translations must be official translations, done either by the awarding institution or an official translator. For more information, please see Educational Documents. University Admissions Finland verifies the authenticity of the documents.

Please note that applicants whose degrees have been awarded in certain countries also need to pay special attention to the documentation before submitting it. In addition to the standard document requirements, please check if there are any Country-Specific Requirements for your degree awarding country and then follow the instructions. The country-specific requirements must be followed first and foremost, before any regular requirements for attesting documents.

No. You must submit as many sets of officially certified educational documents as there are programmes you are applying to, i.e. a separate set of documents for each programme. This requirement pertains also to documents submitted by third parties (e.g. transcripts submitted by the awarding institution).

Also note that the degree programmes may have programme-specific enclosure requirements and therefore you should prepare to collect different application documents for different degree programmes.

University Admissions Finland accepts electronic transcripts submitted through a few recognized sources. For information on which electronic transcript sending services are accepted by University Admissions Finland, please see Electronic Transcripts. If your institution uses one of the acceptable services, you can request for your official transcript of records to be electronically sent to University Admissions Finland.

Please note that when using one of the acceptable electronic transcript sending services, University Admissions Finland only needs to receive the transcript once, contrary to normal document requirements.

If you go back to the application fee portal on the Studyinfo website ( and sign in using the same email address you used when signing in for the first time, you will be directed to a page where you can see a list of all the applications that you have filled and all the application drafts that you have started. When you click the ‘Continue to application’ button under the relevant programme, you will be directed to a page where you can download a PDF copy of the submitted application by clicking the ‘Download’ link next to ‘Download PDF’.

Unfortunately, you cannot. The documents that you applied with during the previous application period have been forwarded to the university, where they have been archived. As universities do not return last year’s documents, applicants will need to submit new documents to UAF.

If you wish to apply again, you will need to complete a new application, collect the required enclosures and submit the application documents to University Admissions Finland. You should be aware that certain document requirements may have changed from the previous application period. Please check the admission requirements on the university’s website before acquiring documentation. Remember to check the Country-Specific Requirements as well.

Submitting Documents

You can send the required enclosures by mail to University Admissions Finland. Our mailing address is:

University Admissions Finland
Unioninkatu 40 C
FI-00170 Helsinki

Alternatively, you can leave the documents in our mailbox. The mailbox is located at Unioninkatu 40 C, on the corner of Unioninkatu and Yrjö-Koskisen katu. You can access the mailbox at all times, but do note that if you are cutting it close to the deadline, you need to leave your application documents in the mailbox by 15.00 (GMT+2). All application enclosures left in the mailbox after 15.00 (GMT+2) will be considered to have arrived the following business day.

Yes, you may submit your enclosures to UAF as soon as you wish. We will store the documents and attach them to your application once it arrives.

It is possible to send your application documents for different programmes in a single envelope. Please remember to clearly indicate which enclosures are meant for which application. You should also specify the relevant application number on each enclosure. Please note that a separate set of officially certified documents is required for each of the programmes you are applying to. Also note that different programmes have different application periods and enclosure requirements. Application documents must reach University Admissions Finland by the given deadline.

The application number is generated when you submit the online application; you can find it, for example, in the email that you receive when your application has been submitted. If you are sending documents yourself after having submitted the online application, you should write the relevant application number on each enclosure you send. If you are sending documents ahead of time and do not yet have the relevant application number, you can indicate the university and programme that the documents are meant for.

Enclosures can also be matched to applications based on the personal details included in the documents (names, date of birth etc). If your university is sending documents directly to UAF, it is not mandatory for the documents to include the relevant application number.

We prefer that you send all the application documents at the same time, because it helps us to process your application faster, but it is acceptable to send us enclosures separately. Please remember to write your application number on each enclosure you send.

Because we receive thousands of applications and enclosures, we unfortunately do not have the resources to check the arrival of each document before processing it. We process mail in order of arrival and once we have processed your documents, we will send you an e-mail notification. Please be patient as this might take several weeks after we have received your documents. We cannot give you information on whether or not your documents have arrived before we have processed them.

Contacting UAF

If you have questions about admission requirements, study-related issues or programme-specific enclosures, such as CVs and reference letters, please contact the university you are applying to.

University Admissions Finland does not receive visitors at its office or offer face-to-face customer service. Please note that it is not possible to obtain a receipt for the documents you are submitting, and they cannot be submitted to our office personally. Once your documents have been processed, a notification email regarding that application will be sent and, if needed, you will be requested to supplement your application.

Fees and Financing

Applicants to UAF universities’ Master’s programmes who have completed a qualification which gives eligibility for Master’s level studies and which has been completed outside the EU/EEA area or Switzerland will be required to pay an application fee of 100 €. Application fees will be collected for the first time when applying for studies beginning in autumn 2016.

The application fee is valid for one application period, and it covers all the applications that you make for study programmes that begin in the same semester. For more information, see the instructions provided on the Studyinfo portal.

Note that University Admissions Finland (UAF) does not collect the application fee. Application fees are collected by the Finnish National Board of Education, and they also provide instructions regarding the application fee. For more information, please visit the national Studyinfo portal or contact the Finnish National Board of Education at

As per our information, programmes for which you apply to through University Admissions Finland do not charge tuition fees from students admitted in the autumn 2016 intake. Regarding Erasmus Mundus programmes, please check with the university what fees there are. You will always find the most up-to-date information on tuition fees on the universities’ websites or by contact them directly.

The universities usually have either no or only a very limited number of scholarships or grants available for new incoming students. Please check the website of the university you are interested in or contact them directly for information on scholarships. University Admissions Finland does not grant scholarships or process scholarship applications.

After UAF

Yes. University Admissions Finland forwards all applications to the relevant universities, who will then evaluate the applications and make the student selections. UAF does not take part in the academic evaluation.

Admissions are carried out by the universities, and University Admissions Finland does not take part in this process. Please visit the website of the university you have applied to or contact the relevant programme directly for information on the admissions schedules.