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How to submit documents

When sending in application enclosures, please remember to write down the UAF application number on the documents. If application documents are mailed in by a third party, e.g. your university officials, we will attach them to your application according to the personal details on those documents.

If you are applying to more than one programme, you need to submit separate documents for each of the programmes. The only exceptions to this rule are language test documents and electronic transcripts. For more information on these, please see Language Skills and Electronic Transcripts.

All educational documents must be officially certified either by the awarding institution or by a notary public. However, note that there are country-specific document requirements in place for some degree-awarding countries. Documents from these countries must be attested or submitted in a certain way. These Country-Specific Requirements must be followed first and foremost, before any regular requirements for attesting documents.

It is always the applicant’s responsibility to make sure that the application documents reach University Admissions Finland by the deadline. University Admissions Finland does not process any application documents that have arrived after the deadline.

Please note that University Admissions Finland does not return any documents.

How to submit your documents to University Admissions Finland

You can send the required enclosures by mail or use an international courier service. Our mailing address is:

University Admissions Finland
Unioninkatu 40 C
FI-00170 Helsinki

Alternatively, you can leave the documents in our mailbox. The mailbox is located at Unioninkatu 40 C, on the corner of Unioninkatu and Yrjö-Koskisen katu. You can access the mailbox at all times, but do note that if you are cutting it close to the deadline, you need to leave your application documents in the mailbox by 15.00 (GMT+2). All application enclosures left in the mailbox after 15.00 (GMT+2) will be considered to have arrived the following business day.

University Admissions Finland does not accept documents submitted by email or fax.